Nature Fantastique - Photographs by Giles Daoust

Nature Fantastique is Giles Daoust's photo project, which he's been working on since 2010. 

As a photographer, Giles' approach is to bring together the worlds of nature photography and “genre” cinema.

He likes to delve into the small marvels of nature that we too often take for granted,

and tries to bring forward strange moods and supernatural elements that don't appear at first sight.

Selected exhibitions

- 2018: Affordable Art Fair Brussels, via ArtMagna

- 2017: TEN Gallery, Knokke, via ArtMagna

- 2017: Affordable Art Fair London via ArtMagna

- 2017: Affordable Art Fair Brussels via ArtMagna

- 2016: "Paysages" collective exhibition, Artphotoby Galerie, Paris

- 2016: TEN Gallery, Knokke, Belgium (by Stéphane Deckers / Amandine Ickx)

- 2016: Galerie Artphotoby, Paris (collective exhibition)

- 2016: Galerie Raphaël Imbert, Paris (Fine Art Management / Artphotoby exhibition)

- 2016: Callens, Bruxelles

- 2015: Fotofever, Paris

- 2015: Artphotoby, Sophie Leiser (Paris) ( 

- 2014: Galerie Laurent (Petit Sablon, Brussels)

- 2013: Galerie d'Art du Centre Culturel de Spa (Spa, Belgium)

- 2013: Galerie Alfican (Brussels)

- 2013: Affordable Art Fair (Brussels)

- 2013: SO101 Gallerye (Paris) 

- 2012: American Express Art Catalogue 

- 2012: Boston University Brussels Art Night

- 2012: Brussels Accessible Art Fair

- 2012: Dolce La Hulpe Brussels: year-long permanent exhibition

- 2012: Neess Gallery (Place du Châtelain, Brussels)

- 2012: CO2 Brussels (Place du Châtelain, Brussels)

- 2011: Galerie Milenarts (Sombreffe, Belgium)

- 2011: UGC Cinemas (Brussels) 

- 2011: Galerie des Minimes (Sablon, Brussels)

- 2011: ARS-BXL (Avenue Louise, Brussels)


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The Path


Smurf Town

The Space Between

Landscape One

Heart of Darkness

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